Friday, February 22, 2008

Adding to EMC and GE amidst pullback

As some readers may be aware, I own some EMC with a cost of around 16.50 and have sold several naked front month puts (+EMCOC / EMC Mar 15 Put).

Today as EMC hit lows around 14.90, I sold some more naked puts in EMC. In particular, I sold some +EMCPP (EMC Apr 14 Put) for 0.50 and +EMCSO (EMC Jul 13 Put) for 0.70.

The time to show conviction in your ideas is when the market moves against you.

GE is trading near 52 week lows so I also sold some +GEPU (GE Apr 33 Put) for around 1.15. I was going to do this a few days ago but I wanted it to go ex-dividend first.

GE is a core holding for international exposure (hedge against dollar weakness), infrastructure (e.g. the new GE industrial investments in Malaysia), and credit (solid AAA in a market of questionable commercial paper). It is also a part of my money management strategy (which I hope to elaborate more on someday).

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